Portable low temperature Oil bath Calibrator -30°C ~ 100°C

Introducing a portable oil bath temperature calibrator designed for precise temperature calibration of RTD temperature sensors across various shapes and sizes within industrial settings. This calibrator offers a broad temperature range from low temperature -30°C to 100°C, allowing for versatile applications. Its portability ensures convenience and flexibility in calibration

Model  O2330
temperature range -30 ~ 100 ° C


  • Wide Temperature range in Portable Liquid Bath
  • High Stability
  • Light Weight
  • Compact In Size
  • Reservior Capcity 5 liter
  • Oil -Silicon 5 Cst


O-23250-Lab Portable Oil Calibration bath is a best in class product for Calibration of Temperature Sensors. Liquid calibration baths are the most stable and uniform temperature sources for doing comparison calibration of temperature probes and sensors in a laboratory. They use a large fluid mass to maintain a stable and uniform test environment that provides the flexibility to calibrate probes and sensors of various sizes, shapes, and lengths.

We offers the broadest range of calibration baths in the industry. These baths include the O2330 and O23250 baths, compact baths, deep compact baths, and full-size standard baths. Depending on the temperature range of your application, performance required, and your budget, we have a calibration bath to meet your needs


Technical Specification

Model O-2330
Brand Measurax
Control Range -30 to 100˚C @ 25˚C
Resolution 0.1 ˚C
Control Accuracy ± 0.1 ˚C
Thermal Instability ± 0.05 ˚C @-30˚C
± 0.07 ˚C @ 0˚C
± 0.09 ˚C @100 ˚C
Stabilization Time/settling time 20 minutes after set point is achieved
Cooling Time 45 Min ( 25 °C to -30°C) @25°C
Heating Time 30 minutes (25°C to 100 °C ) @25°C
Power Supply : 230 V(AC), (50 Hz).
Construction Size (H x W x D) 320(H) x 145(W) x 290(D) mm
Weight 10 Kg(approx

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