Hydraulic hand Pump calibrator 0~ 300 bar

Introducing Hydrulic Hand Pump Model MEH300, is Ideal tool forchecking & Calibration of Pneumatic-Hydraulic Digital Indicators Manometers, Pressure Transducers/Transmitters, Pressure calibrators play a vital role in verifying the accuracy of pressure measuring
devices. Measurax provides a selection of pressure calibrators designed for durability, reliability, user-friendliness, and affordability, catering to various needs and preferences.

Model ME300
Pressure range 0 bar to 300 bar


  • Compact, Light Weight, Hand Operated
  • Combined Vacuum and pressure pump with Pressure Vacuum change over Option.
  • Generation Range of Pressure up to 300 Bar.
  • Fine Adjustment Vernier to realizeup to 1 mbar Resolution.


Featuring a Fine Adjustment Vernier with an Open/Close Release Valve, this hydraulic hand pump allows for precise control, facilitating small incremental pressure readings with ease. The Test Connection Port, equipped with a 1/4” (F) BSP fitting, accommodates gauge or indicator connections, ensuring accurate pressure measurement. Additionally, the Gauge/Indicator Connection Port comes with a 3/8” (F) BSP fitting, providing compatibility with various pressure measurement instruments.

This pump is suitable for use with oil or water, offering flexibility based on your specific testing requirements. The transparent acrylic Oil Reservoir with a capacity of 100cc allows for easy monitoring of fluid levels and enhances user convenience.

Crafted with durability in mind, the Hydraulic Hand Pump features a robust Stainless Steel Body, ensuring longevity and reliability in demanding conditions. The instrument’s compact dimensions (240 x 185 x 95mm) make it portable and well-suited for various industrial applications.

Weighing approximately 1.8 kg, this pump strikes a balance between sturdiness and portability, making it a practical choice for professionals in need of a reliable hydraulic hand pump. Elevate your pressure testing experience with this high-quality instrument designed to meet the stringent demands of precision and durability.

Features of Pressure hand Pump

Technical specification of High Temperature Dry Block Calibrator

  • Ranges : 0 to 300 & 0 to 600 Bar
  • Fine Adjustment Vernier with Open/Close Release
  • Valve for small incremental Pressure readings
  • Test Connection Port : 1/4” (F) BSP Gauge / Indicator
  • Connection Port : 3/8”(F) BSP
  • Medium : Oil/Water (optional)
  • Oil Reservoir Material :
  • Transparent Acrylic Reservoir Capacity : 100cc
  • Stainless Steel Body
  • Instrument Dimension (H x W x D) : 240 x 185 x 95mm
  • Weight (approx.) : 1.8Kg.

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