High Temperature Dry Block Calibrator 50°C ~ 500°C

The Dry Block Calibrator  H23500 is a high-temperature field metrology calibrator designed for both laboratory and on-site calibration of high-temperature sensors. This portable device is lightweight, approximately 8 kg, making it highly convenient for transportation. It boasts best-in-class temperature stability, ensuring accurate and reliable calibration results.

Known for its rugged construction, the calibrator is durable and suitable for various applications, spanning temperatures from 50˚C to 500˚C. Its versatility makes it a comprehensive solution for calibration needs across a wide range of high-temperature sensors, making it a reliable choice for professionals in the field.

Model H23500
Temperature range 50 ˚C to 500 ˚C


  • High Temperature Field Metrology Calibrator for Lab and On -site Calibration of high temperature sensors.
  • Portable- Very light in weight (8 kg approx)
  • Best in class product in terms of temperature stability.
  • Rugged
  • Catter all application from 50˚C to 500 ˚C


If you have experience using a dry well calibrator or dry block calibrator for fieldwork, you’re aware that their value extends beyond just temperature range and stability. Factors such as size, weight, speed, convenience, and software play a crucial role too.
In the field, a dry well calibrator must be portable, flexible, and capable of handling high-volume calibrations or certifications. Otherwise, you’ll quickly find that the impressive promises made by the sales representative become overshadowed by the reality of your purchase. Therefore, it’s essential to prioritize these practical aspects to ensure you get the right tool for your calibration needs.
Introducing Compact in size, portable dry block temperature calibrator. find below technical specifications for more details

Features of High Temperature Dry Block Calibrator

Technical specification of High Temperature Dry Block Calibrator

Model H23500
Brand Measurax
Control Range 50˚C to 500˚C @ 25˚C(User Selectable)
Resolution 1 ˚C
Control Accuracy ± 0.1 ˚C
Thermal Instability ±0.02°C at 50°C
±0.04°C at 300°C
±0.08°C at 500°C
Stabilization Time/settling time 20 minutes after set point is achieved
Cooling Time 45 Min ( 500 °C to 50°C) @25°C
Heating Time 15 Min (50°C to 500 °C ) @25°C
Power Supply 230 V(AC), (50 Hz).
Construction Size (H x W x D) 320(H) x 145(W) x 290(D) mm

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